See What Makes Our Studio and Tattoo Parlour in Fitzroy Stand out Amongst Other Shops

At their best, tattoos are a fantastic and beautiful art form that helps you make a unique expression unlike any other. However, when done poorly, a tattoo may instead be hideous and embarrassing and a cause for deep regret. Since a tattoo lasts forever, it makes sense to be sure you pick the tattoo studio in Fitzroy you can trust. Read on to see how Sacred Monkey Tattoo can provide the custom ink job you are looking for that will look great and hold up over time.

Getting a Tattoo You Won’t Regret

There was a time when only a “particular sort” of person was likely to sport a tattoo. Even today, the stereotypical image of the heavily inked biker or rock star endures, when in reality tattoos have become far more mainstream. With so many people from all walks of life now choosing to express themselves through ink, there is no shortage of styles available or shops where you can get a custom tattoo done. However, the fact remains that getting a tattoo is a big decision and one that may be life-changing.

When you are considering getting a tattoo, you want to be sure that you’re ready for the commitment and are certain about your decision. If you are thinking of decorating your skin with a piece of art, no matter how compelling it may seem to you at the moment, you should consider whether it’s something you will want to look at for the rest of your life. If you’re either not old enough, or you don’t have the money to afford a professional job done at one of the tattoo shops in Fitzroy, it’s a good idea hold out until you do. Avoid making a decision you’ll later regret and may have to spend much more to try to fix down the line.

Why Sacred Monkey Tattoo is the Studio near Fitzroy for You

Once you’re sure that getting a tattoo is the right decision for you, you’ll need to find the studio and artist who can help bring your ideas to life. When you come to Sacred Monkey Tattoo, our artists are happy to work with you, the client, to custom design your vision in a way you’ll love. Once you’re delighted with the way your design looks, then we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before getting started with our clean and sterile equipment.

At Sacred Monkey Tattoo, we go the extra mile to make sure that getting your tattoo is an enjoyable experience you’ll remember happily. One of the ways we help you get comfortable in the chair is with the long-lasting and effective Crybaby Numbing Cream, which makes the experience of getting your tattoo as pain-free as possible. While many tattoo shops in the Fitzroy area offer ways to lessen your discomfort and provide aftercare solutions, Crybaby Numbing Cream is the best product available for reducing tattoo-related pain, and we are proud to provide it for you at our studio.

We’re not just any tattoo parlour in Fitzroy; we’re award-winning and renowned across Australia for our exceptional artists and service. We are truly passionate about tattoos and want to share our love for beautiful ink with you. Feel free to walk into our studio and discuss your vision today so we can help make it a reality you’ll be proud of for years to come.