Don’t Settle for Cheap Tattoo Shops. Sacred Monkey Tattoo Studio & Parlour Specialises in Unique, Professional Designs for Richmond Customers

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and have had offers from friends or acquaintances who say that they can do it for you cheap or have access to someone who can do it cheaply, don’t do it. Unless that friend is a professionally trained, practicing tattoo artist, don’t get your tattoo from that person. You should never have something like a tattoo done by an amateur because a lot can go wrong. Even though it will cost you a bit more money, having a tattoo done by a professional artist in a studio is going to save you many headaches in the long run, and it’s also going to lead to a much better looking work of art on your body.

At our Sacred Monkey Tattoo studio near Richmond, we employ a team of highly-skilled, award-winning tattoo artists who will work with you to create the perfect tattoo that expresses your creative, artistic side. We don’t believe in cutting corners or offering subpar services. We work with top-of-the-line equipment as well as offering our own unique, numbing cream for those who want the tattoo but don’t want the pain. Don’t settle for an amateur. Come into our professional parlour when you’re ready for a tattoo.

One of Australia’s Leading Tattoo Shops Near Richmond

We’re serious about what we do, which is why we’ve become one of Australia’s leading tattoo shops. We specialise in custom designs, no matter what scale. If you’re looking for a full arm sleeve or a small piece on your wrist, we will use our world-renowned skills to help design and create your ideal tattoo. We take our job seriously because we know the benefits of having tattoos done by professionals.

You should never have a tattoo done by an amateur for many reasons. Cutting corners only leads to issues down the road. If your tattoo is done by someone who doesn’t have the proper skills, you could end up with something inferior in quality that’s stuck on your body. Poor quality tattoos can become faded and fuzzy in appearance if done incorrectly. An amateur could also end up infecting you if the tools aren’t sterilised correctly or the ink is of poor quality.

Tattoos are a lot more intricate than many people think which is why you need to work with one of our trained professionals who has access to the proper tools and ink.

About Us

Since we opened our doors a year ago, Sacred Monkey Tattoo has been a leading tattoo parlour near Richmond. We are a high-end, custom tattoo studio that produced the highest quality tattoos thanks to our professional staff. We employ the best practices to ensure a clean and sterile environment, which is something that amateur artists cannot offer.

We know that there are many tattoo shops out there, but we believe that we have more to offer thanks to our relaxed environment and renowned tattoo artists. We accept walk-ins and are even open on Sundays so come in and see us when you’re ready for a tattoo. Call our parlour on 03 9939 7498 for more information.