Finding Tattoo Shops Open on Sunday in the Melbourne Suburbs of Richmond, Fitzroy, and Hawthorn

Melbourne is a big city with a diverse set of suburbs, each with their own peculiarities and characteristics. This is true even when it comes to looking for the right tattoo shop. If you’re like many people and have a busy schedule that prevents you from dedicating a few hours to getting ink done on a weekday or Saturdays, you may be curious if there are any tattoo shops open on Sunday in the Fitzroy area that are worth checking out.

While we can’t speak for everyone, Sacred Monkey Tattoo is always open on Sundays and is happy to accept walk-ins, making us a convenient choice for almost everyone. Read on to discover more about your options when it comes to tattoo shops open on Sunday for those in the Hawthorn, Fitzroy or Richmond areas.

Why Some Tattoo Shops Aren’t Open on Sunday in the Richmond/Hawthorn Area

If you’re looking to get a new tattoo or to have some more work done on a longer-term project you’ve been working on, your top priorities are likely first and foremost to find a clean and safe shop. You may be willing to go out of your way or take time out of your schedule to ensure you get the best work done. Yet, getting the ink you want doesn’t have to involve taking time off work or changing your usual routine when you can take advantage of one of the tattoo shops open on Sunday near Hawthorn or Richmond.

As always, first make sure you’re ready and committed to getting your tattoo before you stop in. Secondly, call around and see what hours the tattoo shops in your area are open. There’s a good chance you’ll find something that works for your schedule, yet be aware that many tattoo shops may not be open on Sundays or at odd hours. Tattoo studio owners and artists have their schedules and may prefer to close shop Sunday, or they may not get enough foot traffic to justify being open at that time. As with nearly everything in life, it pays to do your homework beforehand and look into the tattoo shops that are open on Sunday in Fitzroy, Richmond or Hawthorn if you’re ready for some new ink.

Tips for Picking a Shop that Works Around Your Schedule

When you choose Sacred Monkey Tattoo, you will experience the benefits of having a professionally done tattoo that is sure to stand the test of time. Our dedicated artists have the skill and years of experience necessary to help realise your vision, no matter how big or small. We are also dedicated to working around your schedule and will honour any walk-ins. Unlike some tattoo shops, we are open on Sunday for all Melbourne ink enthusiasts.

Choose Sacred Monkey Tattoo if you’d like to get an amazing tattoo you’ll love for years to come from one of our friendly, professional and exceptionally talented artists. We are an award-winning studio renowned throughout Australia for the quality of our artistry, and we are always happy to work with you on custom designs. You won’t have to compromise when you select us out of the list of tattoo shops open on Sunday for the Richmond area. Just stop on by when you’re in the mood for ink and we’ll take care of the rest.