The Benefits of Getting Tattooed at a Shop or Parlour. Sacred Monkey Tattoo Studio Near Hawthorn Features Professional, World-Renowned Tattoo Artists

Whether you’ve been tattooed hundreds of times or want to be tattooed for the first time, you should know that there is no substitute for a professional tattoo shop. Besides the fact that these shops feature trained, highly-skilled tattoo artists, they are also clean and sterile environments featuring high-quality equipment and ink. If you have been to a shop that doesn’t seem clean or uses cheap products, we urge you not to get any more work done there. Amateur tattoos can lead to infection or illness, and amateur artists often do them improperly, which means you’ll waste your time and money. While we know not everyone can spend a lot of money on a tattoo, you would be well advised to save until you can afford to have a tattoo done by a professional in a clean studio.

Tattoos and the tattooing process should be fun. They are fun when done properly, which is why our team at Sacred Monkey Tattoo parlour takes the tattooing process extremely seriously. We employ only the best, award-winning tattoo artists who have trained in everything from Japanese style to portraits and even cover-ups. We want to be your one-stop shop for any tattoo needs, which is why we work so hard to be the leading tattoo studio near Hawthorn.

Our Tattoo Shop in Hawthorn Has Learned of Hidden Benefits to Tattoos

There’s no doubt that a nice, clean tattoo looks fantastic and will be eye-catching when out in public. However, we’ve learned over the years that there are many other hidden benefits to tattoos that you may not know. One benefit, according to the American Journal of Human Biology, is that people who have multiple tattoos have a better immune response to new tattoos than those who are getting them for the first time. Your body will build up a tolerance to tattoos resulting in quicker healing times. It’s a perfect excuse to come into our studio for multiple tattoos.

Another benefit is that you end up feeling good during the tattooing process. Studies have shown that you receive a rush of adrenaline as well as released endorphins brought on by your body’s chemical response to pain. You’ll feel naturally elevated while getting your tattoo. You’ll likely feel like that even after the tattooing process is finished because a beautiful tattoo can have a prolonged positive effect on your self-esteem.

World Renowned Artists

We know how important it is for an artist to tattoo you properly and that is why we staff our store with only the best, award-winning tattoo artists. We want to ensure that you have a fantastic experience and leave satisfied with your tattoos. Our artists have years of experience and have trained for years in multiple styles. No matter what design you want, the team at our parlour can provide it for you.

Stop in at our tattoo parlour near Hawthorn and see everything that we offer. Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9939 7498.