Want the Ink but Not the Pain? Tattoo Shop Offers Melbourne, Richmond, Hawthorn, and Fitzroy Customers a Natural Numbing Option

Tattoos, when done by a professionally trained artist, are indeed works of art. They can express your interests, your feelings, or honour someone close to you. Whether you have your entire body covered in tattoos or you’ve never set foot in a tattoo shop, you likely know that there is some pain involved when getting tattooed. Potential tattoo fanatics are sometimes driven away from the idea because of their fear of pain. What many shops don’t tell you is that there is an option for those who want a tattoo but don’t like or are afraid of pain. It’s called numbing cream, and it has been a recent revelation in the tattoo community, offering a safe, affordable option for those who want a work of art on their bodies but don’t want constant pain for hours at a time.

At our Melbourne shop, Sacred Monkey Tattoo, we offer our own take on numbing cream, called Crybaby Numbing Cream. Designed by a professional tattoo artist, Rob Mopar, our numbing cream is the highest number cream you can buy without a prescription and is effective for up to three hours. If you’re interested in a pain-free tattoo near Melbourne, Richmond, Hawthorn, or Fitzroy, stop in and ask about our Crybaby cream.

Benefits of Numbing Cream for Your Tattoo in Richmond

Our numbing cream is natural and made from local products, ensuring its freshness and potency. When you use our cream, you will be pain-free. Numbing cream has become a big part of the tattoo industry because of its many benefits for both customer and artist. Of course, the most significant benefit for the client is that it numbs the pain, making the tattooing process less stressful and more comfortable. You can use this cream anywhere on your body, meaning you’re not limited to where you get a painless tattoo. As tattoo professionals, we understand that some places on the body are more sensitive and, thus, are more painful to receive a tattoo. With our Crybaby cream, you won’t have to worry about the pain regardless of where you want your tattoo done.

It also benefits us, the artists. While we are in the art business, we are also in the customer service business. Even though we concentrate on creating your tattoo, we also must focus on how you are feeling and making sure you aren’t in too much pain. This becomes much easier with numbing cream, as we can concentrate more on making your tattoo exactly how you want it, all while knowing that you aren’t in pain. Stop in for a closer look at our product if you’re interested in a tattoo near Hawthorn.

Stop by and See Us!

At Sacred Monkey Tattoo, we believe in making the tattoo process as fun and stress-free as possible, which is why we offer our unique numbing cream. We employ a team of award-winning, world-renowned artists to ensure that you get the absolute best quality. After all, it will be on your body so it should look fantastic.

We’re open for business seven days a week, serving the Melbourne, Richmond, Hawthorn, and Fitzroy areas. If you’re ready for a tattoo and near Fitzroy or these surrounding areas, we can’t wait to hear from you. Call us on 03 9939 7498 for more information.