Love Tattoos? Looking for More? Visit Sacred Monkey Tattoo in Melbourne for Exceptional Artists and Custom Work

Tattooing is an ancient art with a history that stretches back for thousands of years. It seems that almost as long as humans have been able, we've been using our bodies as a canvas for self-expression. Today, the tattoo artists of Melbourne carry on those traditions, marrying the necessary technical skills with the aesthetic vision required to create stunning custom designs. At Sacred Monkey Tattoo, we offer a high-end service that puts you in front of some truly incredible artists. With a wealth of experience available in art forms that include traditional Japanese styles and even the unique flavour of Americana tattoos, our studio welcomes all. When you want to go deeper in your exploration of the art of tattooing, what better way than with a professional tattoo artist in Melbourne?

With some of the best work you'll be able to find in Melbourne, our award-winning artists and supremely clean studio will make you feel right at home. Whether this is your very first tattoo or you're a veteran under the gun, we treat all our clients with respect and friendliness. Though we have many original painted designs on our walls from which you can choose, custom work is the real deal. We're always excited to hear ideas from our clients as it allows us to stretch our creative muscle and create something that honours the history of our trade.

Award-winning tattoo artists in Melbourne

Practice is the only way for a professional artist to improve, and in tattooing, the reality is no different. Apprenticeships are not uncommon as individuals learn the ins and outs of how to safely tattoo and how to hone one's artistic abilities. The artists you'll find here have spent years developing their craft, including working internationally to gather new abilities and skills from other artists around the world. Whether you have a big idea in mind, such as a custom sleeve or a full back tattoo, or something much smaller, this significant amount of technical knowledge and a defined artistic vision can translate into a tattoo you'll love for life. That is how it should be every time you settle into the chair for a tattooing session with one of our professional artists.

Let's find out what we can create together

What kind of statement do you want to make with your skin? Do you want to commemorate someone or something, leave yourself a reminder of what you should strive to be — or do you want something highly symbolic and arcane? We can accomplish it all. By partnering with a high-end custom tattoo artist in Melbourne, your finished design will turn heads and draw questions from curious friends. Professional workmanship is just as important in tattooing as it is anywhere else. At Sacred Monkey Tattoo, our artists take that responsibility to heart. Ultimately, when you leave, we hope you do so with a smile and the satisfaction of a well-executed design. Call us on 03 9939 7498 to learn more now.