3 Important Reasons to Seek Out a Professional Tattoo Artist Near Richmond for a Custom Design

A tattoo says something about its wearer. It may be clear and obvious to all who see it, or it may hold some deep personal significance beyond what is obvious; in either case, it is something special and worth cherishing. You always remember your first tattoo — at least because it's often the gateway to seeking out even more. From the painful yet euphoric experience of receiving a new tattoo to the satisfaction you feel as it heals and you see just how good it will look for the future, the process is an exciting one. Are you ready to take steps towards your next one? Is it time for you to seek out a custom tattoo artist near Richmond?

When you have a special idea in mind, or you simply know that you want a unique design that speaks to your personal values, a professional artist experienced in custom work is essential. At Sacred Monkey Tattoo, we open our doors in Kew to individuals like you, with an uncompromising attitude towards quality and stunning visual aesthetics. We take great pride in our art and our trade, and we translate that pride into every line we draw. Don't just take our word for it, though — consider why it's worth your time to enlist a custom tattoo artist near Richmond.

Using a professional tattoo artist near Richmond means longevity

First, you know you will be getting a top tier level of service and attention. This isn't just art — it's art that's going on your body forever. Both you and the professional artist involved deserve to be satisfied and proud of the finished piece. We take time and care when creating every piece.

Second, besides attentive customisation, you will receive your tattoo in an exceptionally clean and comfortable environment. We take great care to foster a welcoming space in our studio and to maintain it exceptionally well. We want you to visit the same type of studio we'd want to visit for ink. Worried about discomfort? Ask to try our Crybaby numbing cream, one of the most effective products available.

Third, professional work equals a tattoo that looks better for longer before you ever even need to think about a touch-up procedure. Shading, line work, colours — experience plays a significant role in how well all these most basic tattoo components turn out in the end.

Explore your artistic side at Sacred Monkey Tattoo

What do you want your next tattoo to say about you? Bring your custom ideas or concepts to a tattoo artist near Richmond in our shop and explore the possibilities. Browse some examples of our artists' work right here on our site, or visit our Instagram pages to get a sense of what our unique passions are. Ring us on 03 9939 7498 to discuss setting an appointment, or come and see us at your leisure; we welcome walk-ins that suit your schedule.