Frequently Asked Questions


How old do I have to be before I can get a tattoo?

In the State of Victoria it is required by law for individuals to be at least 18 years to receive a tattoo. Parental consent is not sufficient.


Can you copy a tattoo i saw from another artist?

Artists at Sacred Monkey Tattoo WILL NOT copy or replicate another artists custom work. We produce custom artwork based on the references provided and the agreed upon stylistic content. 


what is your quoting process?

Quotes given during the booking process are estimates only. Although our artists try their best to give an accurate price range, parameters such as size, detail and placement can affect the initial quote. If you have a maximum budget to work within please advise our artists.


Will i get to see my design before my appointment date?

No artwork will be provided before the date of the appointment, unless agreed upon prior with the artist. A drawing fee is required to produce custom work. As you can understand our artists have a demanding workload, so prices will vary depending on the individual piece and circumstance. 


Do you have numbing cream at your shop?

Sacred Monkey tattoo stocks Crybaby Numbing cream, if you are interested in this product please discuss this with your artist as the numbing cream must be applied an hour before the appointment. 


What happens if I change my mind about my design?

If you have a change of mind from the initial design, it is essential to contact the studio and make the artist aware prior to the appointment, as changes may incur an additional fee.


Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Please be well hydrated and have eaten a meal before your tattoo appointment, it is best to be well rested and avoid the consumption of alcohol/drugs for at least 24 hours before the appointment.


How can I pay for my tattoo?

Sacred Monkey asks that you bring cash at the time of your appointment, ATM's are located on High Street, Kew.



If you’re driving, there is parking available across the road on Wellington Street.
If you’re catching public transport, you can catch the 109 tram from the city and get off at Kew Junction. From here, it’s a 3 minute walk to the shop.


What is policy around deposits?

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-NEGOTIABLE. Deposits will be subtracted from the cost of the final appointment. For cancellation of Weekday appointments 48 hours notice must given for cancellation or changes to appointments, failure to do so will result in deposits being forfeited. For weekend appointments, we require at least 7 days notice of cancellation, any less than this deposits will be forfeited. 

Sacred Monkey Tattoo takes deposits to ensure our artists are compensated for the time they put into designing the perfect tattoo for you. Therefore in circumstance where you have to cancel without adequate notice, the deposit covers the amount of time your artist has already dedicated to your tattoo.